My first Audio Blog

New Year´s resolutions 2023

Every Year I take my time for the new year's Resolutions. I write about life in general and the things I want to improve in different areas of my life. Scrolling down to this page you will find the prompts list.

I don't know why I feel this year I want to share a little from this ritual . It's something that I would always keep to myself, but for some reason I feel like sharing it. I had to cut this audio down to 30 minutes so I hope you get to understand the message.

I hope you enjoy it and inspires you to take some quiet moment for yourself this week and write about what you want for the next year. I wish you the best;

Thouthts about intentions

The difference between action and intention

This last month I have been reflecting on goals, and the why behind them.

I share with you my view on it and how I choose wisely my intention to fuel my practice through the year.

If you have problems listening to it try to refresh the page. Greetings!